How to make a gauze?


Wondering how to make a gauze like in this image

can this be done with material texture and alpa?

Got a sort of gauze texture but can’t get it transparant.

I’m a modeler, so I would model an individual wire (bent) and supliframe/duplivert it in the two directions

But an alpha mask would do :wink:


going for the alpha solution right now.

Somehow my white is transparent but not clear. I can seen a whitish plain. Is this correct or can you make white completly disappear?

Got any tutorials with setting examples ?

Yes, you can make the material completely transparent.

You need to go to the Materials Button window [F5]

and Material subcontext %|

where you will see the Mirror/Transp Panel (click top tab)

Then press the ‘ZTransp’ button (or ‘RayTransp’ depending on what rendering option you are using)

got this

i use the red cube to see if i can make it work.
but can’t get it all transparent as you can.

I had the same problem once. It turned out that my white wasn’t completely white and my black wasn’t completely black. However, before I figured that out I just put the image on two texture channels thereby doubling the alpha effect.

that’s not right, if you work from a rgb image(no alpah chanel in it) then i’m sure you turned the “clacAlpha” option in the image panel,a completely black and white will work int this case, if not, fire up the gimp and add and alpha chanel to you image. and save it as psd or tga. then use the option “usealpha”
I myselft would probaly have modeled it too. it’s arather easy with duplivert. when you got one wire.