how to make a knurled texture

Besides applying an image to a mesh, any hints on how to produce a knurled-like texture. See pic.



I would model that. You would have to still use an image if you wanted to either use bump or displacement. Here is how I did it…

Add a 64ish vert. circle. Use extrude and scale to make the basic shape.

Next use ctrl-r to cut the center to make all the little square things.

Now the tricky part is making the squares into the diamond things. Use the proportional editing tool and rotate the top part. Set the tool so its radius just touches the bottom of the knurled section. Rotate around the Z axis 90 deg.

To fix the knot you just made below the knurls, rotate the bottom of the knob thing 45deg.

Select the knurls, extrude, then escape. Ctrl-n to fix normals. Use Alt-s to make the knurls pop out.

Finally you can set the pivot center to individual and scale them how you like.

Anyways… something like that. I hope this helped.



Whoa…very nice, thanks.

I was looking to so something similar, and found this thread. I like the final result, but judge for yourself:

Thank you Kevin, it helped greatly.


very nice. I would think you could do it with a two bump map Nor with the wood noise, one with X and Y like (.5,.2) and the second (.2,.5) so that they criss-cross. It should also affect spec and col too for that diamond effect and extra visual impact. The only diff between that and the model is at the edges against the black background you will see a smooth surface, not the points of the knurls.

this looks like a job for RGB normals mapping.

Good idea about using textures!
But here is another way modeling this:
Zip archive 12 MB
Video unpacked - 29 MB
No compression, best quality :smiley:

Hey, I’m glad it helped people!

If your not doing any closeups, textures are definitely the way to go. But if you want that extra detail, modeling is not to hard either.

@Syziph, I could not view your movie with Quicktime, VLC, or AfterEffects so if it’s not me, you might want to look into it.


Sorry KevinW, I had to mention that the screen capture was made with Cam Studio. You should download it’s codec if you want to watch the video.
However here is the XVID version (5.28 MB - 2 min 39 sec)

Thanks, it works now! good vid.