How to make a Load Screen Help

Hello what will i have to do to make a Dynamic Loading screen.
Let`s say i have a city scene, would i have to load all
Floor, Vehicles, Buildings, props
By Spawning them in ??? while a load screen is running ???
and would it be from a different .blend ??

Please help :slight_smile:

You could use a scene that has animated texture in it(for example, spinning) and that is set to Always --> SetScene[“Gameplay”] or sth like that.

And make sure you use LOD if city is large.

Yeah but it won`t be dynamic, it will still take a long time to load :slight_smile:
Is there a way to load from another .blend
Like the Floor, Buildings, Character etc…

You can use empties and spawn objects when player gets close and end them when player is far away. If you need to save properties on theese objects you can use globalDict or use the empties as property holders.

I think the closest you can get to a proper dynamic loading screen is through LibLoad, however from my experience this is quite unstable at the moment resulting in random crashes.
The best method that I used was having a “load camera” which flies through your whole scene (while this is happening have an overlay over the camera with the word loading and a spinning icon), then when this animation has finished, switch to the player camera and remove the overlay scene.

This way if you are using LoD all items that the load camera gets close to will have been “pre-loaded”, and will therefore smooth out the normal gameplay.