How to make a low poly realistic tree?

How do I make a tree like this?

He posted a 1 minute tutorial, but I need a slower tutorial.

He has made one but it’s in 2.78 or 9

Please note that I use 2.9

I’ve been searching and searching and couldn’t find a slower tutorial on this specific method.

1 minute normally at actual speed . :slightly_smiling_face:

So, lower the speed of the video, for example to 0.25 > Settings > Playback speed

Maybe tell the part that you don’t understand

I found a slower tutorial, this guys pretty good, I learnt how to apply emission quick from him.

Or if you want to try to do a tree that looks like anime.

Be careful with the pfp by the way, I don’t know what the rules are on profile pics, lucky for me i just keep it simple.

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Thank you! I’ll change it soon.

And I’ll check that one out!

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Basically the part where he textures the tree and adds leaves to it. I already know how to make the tree base.

Haha that’s funny!

Make use of the pause button, naturally when I watch anime I pause everytime to read the subtitles.

The best way to improve your modelling skills is to watch time-lapses, try watching this in 0.25 speed and try modelling it.

I made one for my college project so if you get stuck along the way I can try and help you.

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