how to make a pile of straw

Hi everyone,
if you are me which way you will take to make a pile of straw?
i realy want it is look like a real pile of straw…
thanks readind and waiting for your suggestion. :wink:

I would try particle hair first.

It would be easier to answer this if you were more specific about your straw requirements. For example, is it a background object in a still? Or will other objects have to interact with it in an animation? On what scale – are we talking about viewing it from a distance, or following a bug crawling through the pile?

thanks for you answers.
a pile of straw like this :

objects will interact with…

you could get the basic look with particles, but I think to make it act like hay, such as if a character fell onto it, or took a scoop of it with a pitchfork, would require a rigid body physics simulation on a scale that is beyond the processing power of most machines. there might be some creative ways to fake it, perhaps using force fields, but you would have to be more specific about what it needs to do.