how to make a record player?

this kind? wha should i do? im new so im not really would i make the top part? and how do i make a boom box?

how do i combine a normal circle to a 3d cube?

here is a record player I modeled in about ten minutes. Not as hard as it seems. You just need to learn some good modeling techniques and practice. has a lot of really good modeling tutorials.
here is the blend file:

Wow! Can you give some general notes on how you did this?

This is one of the most informative modeling tutorials I’ve seen.

Search for skygoat posts, just today I had to figure out similar and posted it…

<SHIFT>-RMB to select all meshes
<CTRL>-J to join
<SHIFT>-<VERTEX> to select the edges you want to join
f to create the face that joins the edges you just selected

Top part do a 10 sided cylinder and extrude then taper (scale) the ends. You can get the flower look by pushing vertices back at the top.