How to make a scene appear a bit bigger.

I had a little campsite scene that people keep telling me looks small, and I agree. I’ve tried making textures smaller, making the objects in it smaller and all that jazz, but it still has a bit of a lego scene-like look about it. I think it’s because of perspective. Anybody have some ideas on how to fix it? I grease penciled in a man by the fire for size reference.

-also if you have and criticisms or tips on how to make the scene look any better, don’t hold back-:RocknRoll: I can take it.

Actually Blender’s being odd and won’t let me upload my file. But from the description, can anybody help?

can you post a screenshot, or link?

There’s an image of a pond.

Your main problems are 1) the scale of all the main textures and 2) the ginormous tree.

  1. Texture scale: at the distance implied by the size of the fisherman, you’d never be able to see individual blades of grass. Check out aerial photos of real places to see how your textures should appear. In fact you might be able to use parts of those photos to make your textures.

  2. The tree has the same texture problem, plus it’s just way too big. So unless its size is part of the story you’re trying to convey, make it a lot smaller.

I can’t say it enough, when you’re texturing a scene, it’s critical to use reference images of real places and textures. You know that’s grass around the pond, but how it appears depends on factors like distance, lighting, perspective, etc. all of which you can find in references.

Edit: Here’s an example of an image of a campsite from about the distance you are using.

the grass texture is the main problem. it’s too big. i think i have some textures that might work better, i’ll take a look for them, and post them in a bit.

(edit) btw, these are both my textures, and anyone is free to use them. they are tileable.


also, there appears to be an alpha issue on your trees. i think there are some discrepancies between blender and photoshop alpha channels. I usually make my alphas in blender to avoid that. you just make your thing, be it a branch or whatever, then render to format png, with setting premul, and RGBA toggled on. i am thinking 2.49 so it might be slightly different in later versions.