How to make a simple and good looking tree?

plz i have a question how do i make a tree??? do i have to make leaf by leaf to get the whole tree?? it will take for ever ? plz help :o

Usually those kind of trees are made with a tree generator program or script…
If I remember well someone ( I think Kernon on ) was doing a review of all tree-generating programs available out there… But I can’t find anymore…
Anyway, have a look at ngplant, arbaroor gen3

another down and dirty way to do this is to have a picture of your tree with a transparent background, and apply it to a plane, and use the alpha setting.
I havent used this method yet, that is why I cant tell you exactly how to do it but ive seen it implemented in a lot of .blend files,

thanks i’ll chack that out :wink: