How to make a simple book.

Another Youtube lesson on how to make things. This is about how to make a book. Unfortunately it’s in Swedish (too few lessons about Blender in my native language, so I’ll try to get the word out.)

15 min modeling. Result with some UV mapping as below.

i wish i could download a book of blender knowledge into my brain like in the matrix so i could make something that good!

Thank you MagicGlow. I have tried tutorials in English that were more difficult to follow.
Well done.

seems like a great tutorial. Wish i could speak swedish i could really do with this tutorial in the very near future

Nice tutorial. That’s what I’m going to do this evening=)

Wish this was in English.

Revived a year old thread just to say that?

Which part are you having trouble with? The tutorial is fairly basic and i could follow it even without sound.