How to make a spin attack?

Hi guys I tried to make a spin animation for my character by putting 2 key frames on the frame 1 and frame 10.
In frame the 1st frame there is a key frame of the local rotation of the armature it’s not being rotated,in the second there is a key frame in which I’ve rotated the character armature 360(degrees).

But whether I put the animation into the game for some reason the character armature only rotates 180(degrees) in the x axis and afterward it rotates back at -180(degrees) in the -x axis.

So I was wandering if there was a way to let blender read the animation of the character as a complete 360 degree?

Add another keyframe at frame 6 with 180°.

this is because 0°=360°=720°…

why animate?

why not use physics?

(trigger attack)-------------and-----------------Apply force (z rise ) Torque on Z axis?

you could also apply a small action to “lock out the fists” etc
this way colliding could actually impart the physics, and the collision could be used to apply the damage

@Monster@ Thank you for the reply but it doesn’t work
@BluePrintRandom@Great idea but I don’t really get it how I can put it in logic bricks,if you have time could you please take a look at the blend file.Thank you in advance.

Here is the blend.file

here ya go :smiley:

space bar initiaites


character spin(bprEdit).blend (1.79 MB)

Then I think the issue is something else. I can play the rotation even with two keyframes. It plays the whole 360 degrees. (With the last frame 11 not 10 you get a 10 frame animation)

Could it be you play in flipper mode?

@BluePrintRandom@ Thanks it works very fine.

@Monster@ No,I don’t think that I’m playing the animation in flipper mode,I tried to put between the frames 1 to 10 4 key frame which have 90 degree rotation and it works fine.
Maybe the problem came from the rig because the rig reads the animation as an half 180 degree rotation which only goes in the x and -x axis.