How to make a Timelapse Video

Ok recently i dicided to make some Timelapses of modeling things, but i have a few questions.

I have been using This Program and it works great.

When i have my video recorded and exported, i have one final step to do, how to make the video fater/The playback speed.

Anyway i can increase the playback speed and export it ?
The program im using above has a playback speed option but thats just for previewing, so when i export the video it’s still the same.

So sweet and short, How can i record a video and make the playback speed faster to export ?

Appreciate any help.

Well, you could use Blender’s video editor and re-render the video at a higher frame-rate - I’ve used it before for a timelapse or two, works fairly well :slight_smile: (of course, I’m no expert on the VSE, so there might be pros&cons I can’t see)

BBFlashback is pretty interesting, I’ve tried it out a few times too…though usually I use a combination of Blender, Camstudio and Audacity.

Thanks for the neat tip, can’t believe i didn’t realise that.
Is there anyway i can add sound in Blender to a video the Sound strip doesn’t seem to working.


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Hmm… maybe it’s a glitch? Depending on the version you’re using it could be a bug within the VSE, I think there were a few problems with it during 2.5x, but I’m not sure… I’ve only successfully worked with sound strips once or twice, and then forgot how I’d set it up :o

Your best bet would probably be to ask about it in the Support forums, maybe in “Compositing and Post Processing” (there doesn’t seem to be a section devoted to the VSE).

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Recent versions of Blender handle audio quite well but you may have a codec issue. Check that the file will play in another app like VLC first.