How to Make a Weapon Scope in Blender 2.8 | HardSurface Modelling, Texturing, Lighting

Learn to make a Sci-Fi Weapon Scope in Blender 2.8 in my new tutorial, which goes over some really useful techniques in hard surface modelling without any paid add ons in Blender. This tutorial is suitable for beginner to intermediate users, who know the basic modeling functions and can follow at a fast pace.

This full tutorial goes over everything you need to know to create a sci-fi weapon scope, including modelling, shading, textures, environment and lighting, all in 45 minutes!

Make sure these are enabled in User Prefs - Addons, they come with Blender 2.8:

  • Import Images as Planes (For the warning decal)
  • LoopTools
  • BoolTool

Contamination Textures (Smudges, Fingerprints, etc):
Lane Font:
Radioactive Decal:

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