How to make afterimage effect in blender

like this


any ideas?

Maybe not in Blender, but it can be achieved in After Effects.

If it’s a video you can simply stack a whole bunch of layers of the same video on top of one another, stagger them sequentially, and then animate the opacity of each. If the character isn’t the only thing moving in the frame you will have to mask it out. It’s a pain, but it is possible.

Can you be more specific about your situation?
What are you starting with? (image, movie, image in video game)
How will you use it in the end? ( poster, Video, video game etc)

There’s lots of ways to do this:
In addition to amprod2’s Method blender also has a motion blur feature:
So you could texture a plain with your image and animate the plane across the screen.
here is an example blend file and its output using motion blur. motionBlur.blend (535 KB)

Thanks bfdsmge & amprod2, I want to use in Video.
This example blend file use in poster? I rendering to animation, but not what I want.

The problem with motion blur is that it is computationally expensive: the image might be re-calcualated several times.

The process of layering offset strips, with varying degrees of opacity, is tedious, but it is also inexpensive.​ The raw frames are calculated only once.

There is an addon for this:

The original add-on no longer works. I made a few modifications, so the one I posted (scroll to the end) works with 2.78. All credit goes to the original coder.