How to make all image-texture-paths relative?

Hi, all.
Normally, I work on the same .blend file on two different PCs, therefore the absolute paths of my image textures are different, so I have to use relative paths. My texture images are in a folder next to the .blend.
So far, I achieved this this by correcting the image paths manually to something like:


Although, sometimes it was automatically like that.

1)How can I achieve, that in a given .blend file all of my images use relative paths automatically?
2)Can I set this before I start the project?
3)Can I set this relative path for many images after they were attached to the objects via absolute path?

Help will be appreciated. Thanks.

About one week and … no answer… :frowning:
Should I have asked this in another forum? :frowning:

it could, perhaps, be done with python
[I haven’t looked into it yet]

or you could pack data, save, then unpack to \ extures\ [it’s one of the options when you unpack… unpack to current directory or something]

Thank you z3r0 d for answering.

It seems to me that the answers to my questions are not something that everyone knows but me.

What puzzles me a lot, however, is that sometimes when I load an image it is detected on a relative path while sometimes it is on an absolute path. I think there ougth to be something that sets this behavior internally.
I feel that there must be a switch or button somewhere to control this, for it cannot just happen randomly. (Should this really be set with an external Phyton script ?)

Yes, packing and unpacking work, but what makes it uncomfortable is that when the image name is longer than blender likes it, they are truncated, which practically means that it is going to have not only a different name but can also lose its extension (under Windows) which is very unpractical, because I will not know what kind of image it was (jpg, png, tga and so on …)

So I am still curious, how to set these. :confused:
Answers will be appreciated.

You could use “File->External Data->Make All Paths Relative” and re-save your blend file, or
manually change the path to relativity, such as “… exture exture1.jpg” or “texture exture2.tga”.
Hope it helps.

zhone this topic is over 2 years old. check the date of the last post before posting next time.

zhone, even if it’s an old post, thank you very much for answering - it’s just what I was looking for for the past 10 minutes :yes:

whilst it’s an old post it’s also a pretty important point that I just read about in hess’s book.
Under user options/file paths there’s a button to set “Relative Paths Default” too

Under user options/file paths there’s a button to set “Relative Paths Default” too

All my textures were that ugly pink, is there a way to change that color?
I had absolute paths set, why this is the default is beyond me, so
I set them to relative in the image/uv window and also user prefs
file paths, then I clicked on each texture in the file list in uv/image
editor, searched for the ones I couldn’t find, put them all with the
blend file, eventually most of them appeared when I clicked on them
in the uv/image editor.

when the image name is longer than blender likes it

what’s the limit, I thought it was 20 characters.

the external data option doesn’t seem to work.

So how to make a dozen texture files relative?

Many thanks

Does anyone know why sometimes we get relative paths mixed with absolute paths?

I got this file and the textures preload and preview fine in blenders viewport. But when rendered, they turn pink. I check the paths and this this weird mix of relative and absolute paths???


this part is the issue, i have now idea why thats there