How to make an Alpha transparency from color ramp,


It is all in the picture. I want to make this single faced mesh transparent with a color ramp. Once it was sometimes called a sprite.
I am confused, it doesnt work and I cant figure out why.

Hi. have a look here:

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thanks a lot. So a principled BRDF node has an option in its material Tab to set transparency from opaque to alpha blend (but not the emit shader). Then the alpha channel can fucking work!

Thing is, I am doing 3D for 20 years now (not blender obviously). They make a beautiful piece of software, and they choose options so it that doesnt work BY DEFAULT. I am so bored with this shit.

Do you know the difrence between complex and complicated?
complexity is the overall rules that drives all the tools we use, RGBA, XYZ, vectors, Euler, matrix and so on. It can be understood with the same logic declined on several levels and various softwares.

Complicated is about the exceptions you dont get to know when understanding complexity. There are exceptions everywhere because, I guess, of human choices. They have theirs reasons.

Sometimes tools and softwares are better designed than others. Softimage was great in this matter, you dont get to know every tiny switch hidden in a corner to make it work. Its internal principles were valid everywhere.
I wish it was all about true knowledge, and I didnt have to learn those tricks again and again. The reason is I have ADHD, a strong one. My working memory empties itself easily when changing context, or when something wrong pops up.

Forgive this sharing of an old pissed 3D worker.