How to make an object ( text ) invisible till iluminated

Hello there Blenderartist community !

Im currently trying to make a youtube channel intro , and while i did follow intros and what not , most of it is basic stuff and while it does look awesome , it seems unnecessary complication to make a line of text change size or shape etc …

What im trying to acheive is this :

  • camera moves from the bottom of the text , then slowly moves up inline with it , does a 360 degree spin around it and than stops
  • during the time as it starts to go up , 2 lights sources will strobe ( horror film like ) and as the camera comes to a halt , they turn on revealing the text

What i have acheived :

-camera movement

  • text shape etc

Could someone shed some light on how to do this ? All the stuff i managed to do was flawed , either the text was invisible at all times , or visible at all times …