How to make and animate these type of eyes

Hey there,

Have you seen the cozmo robot advertised on TV? I have been modelling a robot for a while now and was kinda stuck on what to do for it’s face. I knew I wanted an l.e.d type effect. Here’s a pic of what I have so far…

After seeing the little cosmo robot I would really like to do the led type eyes…here’s a pic…

My questions are how to best go about this? It needs to be animated so I was thinking texture warping? Unless anyone knows a different way. I would normally shape-key a mesh but im not sure how to make the mesh with the l.e.d effect. Would it be doable with a noise texture on geometry do you think?

Think I got it. What do you think?

did you make a mesh to trim?
Morph shapes?
Texture swap (UV swap)?

I made the head a sphere and Boolean 2 holes in for eyes with cylinders, then tidied up the mesh. Then on the inside I made two meshes the same shape as what I cut out but bigger so that you can’t see any gaps, then simply put a wave texture on them and messed around with the shape and made the lines emission.

Then you can animate the waves with geo node top make them move like scan lines!

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I´d figure you´d go to that route.
I was looking into developing something similar for unity.
I´ll include bones in my setup and “roll” parameters for the head.
Congratulations, your project looks marvelous!