how to make Animated grass?

how can i animate grass, so it looks like the wind is blowing all the grasses, i tried animating the grass with bone, i tried shape keys, i tried animated texture, none of them work, is there any tutorial or blend file, or maybe a vertex shader to animate the grass? here’s a video to show you what i wanted:

On YouTube there are a couple of tutorials using physics

Oh! This thread is in the game engine forum, I’m sorry. I do not know if these tutorials are useful.

Such things are very processing intensive. I think you can do such things with a shader.

But i dont have any knowledge of vertex shader scripting, is there any tutorial of the basic?

you can try auto cad. auto cad using for construction related.

I created an animation trick called falsetto anims, I use several objects with their meshes frozen in different animation frames and just swapped the meshes in a cycle. It allowed me over 700 characters on-screen, so just create 3-5 meshes or planes that are textured and loop through them to fake it. (348 KB) Example

the example .blend file might help for creating a huge field of grass, but its not what i wanted, what i want is to make the grass waving like its blowing by the wind, not like a thousand green worm wiggling at the same direction.

i think his .blend gives you what u need to make what u are asking for. maybe a example of what your are trying to achieve.

i’ve already give an example of what i want ot achieve, see the video at the top of this thread

oh i forgot about that lol. ummm well i would say that is to much for the bge. it probably could be done for a tech demo or something but with all the other aspects of a game going at the same time id say its just to much. i would us@PlanetKillere planetkillers idea with flat plains that have a grass texture on them that track the camera or just stationary(i think this might look better). doing a key frame animation with lot of objects would become cpu intensive quick(pretty sure). if your looking for physics like wheat in fable 2 id have to think about it.

I made a tutorial on this a while ago using one bone for a whole field of grass (“how to make wind in BGE”) however in the description you said you had already tried a ‘bone’ method so I was guessing that you had already tried this.

Alternatively I was thinking you could add multiple bones, and only let them effect certain patches of grass (using different weight paint groups.), and at the same time you could subdivide the grass planes to get smoother movement.

EDIT: I mention this around 5:40 in the video

The best method for doing this is probably through a vertex shader, however I have no knowledge of how to do that.

Anyway here is the video if you haven’t already seen it:


Thats a real nice way to do that. I give u props thatimster.

No problem :D, Glad I could help out!

@omacx, thanks for the compliment. My method can also be used for animals and other things.You can apply animation keyframes to an object as a shapekey, and then delete all the other shapekeys. The last shapekey deleted sets the look of the mesh, then just setup the falsetto anim to “animate” the creature and have more on-screen. I’m going to use this for many things myself.

thanks for that tutorial, i think thats what im actulally looking for.