how to make character walk without curve

Hi all,

i was just wandering how to make a character walk a distance without using curves?
curves make walk looks ugly
i need a simple way to make character move as long as i want without having to animate every walk step individually
Is there something like that , without programming of course

You can use a walk cycle that actually moves the character forward one stride (doesn’t ‘walk in place’) and use the NLA editor to repeat the action for as long as you like. Or, even easier, add a cyclic modifier to the action. But maybe you can’t stop the character if you do that.

i tried both and the first method will just repeat the walk cycle in the same distance and repeat from the beginning and the 2nd one is even the same way and also as u said , just won’t stop

With the cyclic modifier you will need to set the After: mode to Repeat with Offset and it will continue… forever. :stuck_out_tongue:
You can then use that in the NLA editor (I think) and replace it with another action if you want the character to do something else, or maybe when the clip stops the animation stops too. I’m not sure since I don’t have a walk cycle I can test with.

that sound very interesting

But, where can i find the after mode, plz? i only find cyclic option in Graph editor and can’t find after mode

You click Add Modifier, then choose Cycles, then choose this:

Make sure that you’re adding the modifier to the correct channel, in the image I’m not. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow , it worked !
Thanks alot , I’m very grateful !
it’s a prefect method too when u restrict frame range to stop it whenever u want