How to make color spread and scaling an object other then scale

Ok to give some clarity on my problem I’m still very new to animation. For my scene I wanna set up I wanna imitate lighting in a bottle basically moving around like electricity. I know how to get it to rotate and get bigger but I want certain verts to come out randomly like lighting already does and to spread color to different parts on another mesh. For instance like if someone put dye in your veins and you watch it spread slowly other just making a hidden mesh underneath. Any help would be apreciate thank you.

I hope I didn’t misunderstand your question ^^
Do you mean lightning?
You could try solving this with a particle system. Randomly appearing bolts of lightning that die quickly and originate from one or more “stem” bolts of lightning. And you could add a few hooks or shape keys to the “stem” bolt to make it move around.
As for the colors, you could use an animated texture on the bolts. You can also animate vertex colors and object color.
A reference or concept picture would be helpful, since I’m not sure what look you’re trying to achieve.
If you want the lightning to leave marks on the sides of the bottle, try using dynamic paint. I have never used it though, so I don’t know much about it.

welp heres the model and as for the other animation i had questions with is vertex modeling.

i meant vertex painting and i found out its just like changing colors in object mode and i want the little ball to have lighting around it i want to make it for a game im working with and was just wondering how to make it soo has lightining bolts around it. and i wanted to know if i just tampered with the vertexes if i hit in a locrotsca keyfram would it track the changes made to the mesh cause i tried it and it didnt work im still new to animation so im still learning this place has given me some wonderful things to help thanks for responding.