How to make dynamic object avoid collision with sensor?

Hello I have problem by not knowing how to make copy cat game of “Boxman”. So there is one little thing I been stuck for 4 days really I mad on my self because I just can’t invent this logic.
So plan was like this :

  1. Make grid movement
  2. Make object interaction (object “box”)
  3. Make sensors detect box then in collision zone
  4. Get from at least 2 objects if “true” give additional intiger “2” if “false” -1 and if all “2” change level.

That’s what it all must become, but I sliped on step 2, so in details this should be parented to player if sensor detection “true” and moved with player if “false” removed parent. Then if sensor detection of “box” “true” and “Block” reached give -2 on x.axys or so, each time player move forward.

Can somebody clear a path or guide for further development?

If you need a base .blend write to my pm. Thanks!!!

It seams you are mixing different abstraction layers. That indeed creates a lot of confusion (at least to me).

Your Points 1 and 2 are two “features”

So we come back to Point 1.
Grid movement usually means you move the (lets call them “actors”) by steps or multiples of a step. Typically the possible directions are orthogonal. A special case combines two independent steps to a single diagonal step. I do not know if you need help here.

Point 2 is to unspecific to offer help. “Interaction” can mean anything. It sounds a bit as Points 3 and 4 are part of Point 2.

Point 3 offers several options:

Detect objects in 3D scene
—> ray
—> collision
—> near
—> position check

Detect within Python model:

  • depends on your model e.g. it might be a cell inside of a two dimensional array

Point 4:
??? get what from what object? It might be better to describe in natural words rather than in pseudo-logic bricks :). I really do not get what you mean. It often helps to state: WHEN happens WHAT. With that we can think about the HOW.


Monster, can you show example of your mentioned “It is depending on the model such as it can be provided within a two dimensional array of cells”