How to make each brick a different color?

I’m using the brick texture to make windows on a low-poly tall building.

How can I make each square a slightly different color?

If I’m understanding you correctly, just using the color output with two different colors set for Color1 and Color2 should do it:

Using black and white for your brick texture and plugging the color output into a color ramp gives you more control over the color variation.


If you want a less uniform color variation, you can take two different grey values for your brick colors and modify them with the Random output of the Object Info node, before plugging them into a color ramp to give each building a unique tint.


Here I used a 30% and a 70% grey for the brick texture and mapped the Random output to -0.3 and 0.3 so that it would use the entire 0 to 1 range without clipping when adding them.

Your city looks really nice, btw :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. It took me so long to get the brick texture to do what it’s currently doing that I was hoping there would be a way to randomize the colors without having to touch the brick texture again. I guess there’s no other way.

If you want to start with fully random colors or intensities and go from there, set brick to output black and white, then route that (pluss object info/random if you want) through an 1D white noise. In some weird case (I’m not sure what causes it) white noise may produce “flickering results” (there is no gradient in the input, so it shouldn’t), in which case you can use a math/snap or vector/snap node, depending on what you feed it.

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