How to make glowing objects???

(Fort Max) #1

I’m trying to make glowing eyes/lightsabers/lasers etc. what is the best method to do this?

I tried the ADD options in the material settings with unified render on but I can’t seem to get it to work.

(IanC) #2

ADD only works with halos and transparent objects.
The best way of doing a glow is to render the picture with the objects that you want to glow just normal, then render it with no lights and the glowing objects the colour you want them to glow and ‘shadeless’ on.
Then blur the second render in gimp or something. In the sequence editor add them together (if you dont know how to do this then ask and I will say!). Finally in the render buttons, choose ‘do sequence’ and then render it.

Any more help needed? just e-mail me ([email protected])

(Fort Max) #3

How about something for animations? (withought having to edit each frame)

(banana_sock) #4

haloes are probably your best bet. I haven’t used them for lightsabers, and i think there is an easier way for them, but for lasers i just use a particle emitter with a halo material. For lasers that aren’t seen much, just use vector and they look decent, else you have to add more particles to get a clean line. But haloes produces their own light, and you can get a glowing look really easily.

(imatthew) #5

There is a glow plug-in for the sequence editor. I experimented with it a couple of times it might be what you are looking for.

(imatthew) #6

Try here? There used to be a page that had short descriptions of each plug-in?

Maybe someone else knows where that is.

(adyus) #7

ahem, is there anywhere a tutorial explaining how the sequencer works???

(Fort Max) #8

I can’t seem to get the afterglow plugin to work but halos seem to do a nice job.