How to make gradient colour in hair particles?

Is anybody know hot to make a gradient in cycles in hair particles?
This is my character.

It has to be hedgehog. :slight_smile: I want to make the spines with gradient color like a real hedgehog.

Thanks anyone who will help.

You can try using object to display particles instead of hair, then you can modify the material of the object with a simple color ramp :slight_smile:

You can do it with hair particles by plugging the ‘hair info’ intercept into a colorramp, and then plugging that into diffuse (or hair) color. Great Hedgehog BTW!

Looks like this:
Make a second material on the hog (besides the skin) and copy these nodes. In the particle system you need to tell it which material to use.

Thank you so much, both of you.

As with Photox’s method, the same can also be done with the hair shader when you get around to the fur.

i think your model looks really cool, looking forward to seeing him finished.