How to make grass reacting to other objects

As in the title - I’m trying to make a grass, that will react to other objects realistically.
I tried force fields, but looks like grass is only shrinking down, what is way not enough.
I tried dynamic vertex groups on emmiter object. I used them to control Density, Lenght, etc. parameters in Vertex Groups tab. But this didn’t give me a nice result as well. And besides - emitter needs to have really dense wireframe to make this method relatively precise.
I tried dynamic vertex group method on grass mesh itself, to control displace modifier, that was making grass bend when another object was close enough. And it worked. Problem is, that particles don’t have any individuality, so they’re all bending at once, or none of them.
Anyone have any idea how to make interactive grass?

there is one scene in cosmos Laundromat (01:00) where the sheep is draging a huge branch over grass and that grass looks pretty interactive. I have no idea how they did that, but that might be a good clue and a prove that its possible.

If I had to do something like that and it was just for a one frame. I would just make those grass strands that needs to be interacvite, not a part of a particle system, but seperated objects that I could deform with armature, shapekeys or whatever works best.