How to make Kinect motion capture into a blender animation using a oversimplified rig

(RavenRBX) #1

Alright here is my deal:

I got this very simple rig with only 15 joints in blender.


I also have a kinect 2.0 and have recorded some footage.
What I want is to apply motion capture footage from my kinect that I have/will record on this simple rig as a animation.

I have not been successful in the slightest to achieve this and I am getting tired of running down countless tutorials and download dozens of software just to get nowhere with all of this.

If there is anyone kind enough to tell me how to achieve my goal I would be very thankful.
Besides using blender for my rig and final product (obviously) I have no preference in using other software.

If you want to look at the files yourself here it is:
Rig in blender:
fxb animation:

Thank you in advance.

(Gilles38) #2

Hello, I have no obvious solution to offer, but I have read a lot on this lately and it looks like the Nimate soft could help. I am not familiar with this Nimate. I would be interested to hear how it goes for you.