How to make material that looks like it is hologram / foil printing effect?

Hi, I am trying to get the effect (see

attachment) it is some kind of hologram printing on packaging.

And this is my current node setup

but somehow the reflection and the glittering parks look fake.
How would I fix this?

here is the 2nd node setup (refs from materials and textures forum) almost getting the reflection but still the effect looks dead, i m really no idea how these node work.

Need help from you guys :slight_smile:holographic test.blend (9.75 MB)

You could try your luck with the attached material as a possible building block. Of course you’ll have to play around and figure out where to plug in the voronoi texture, etc.

The idea for it was from a CD or DVD texture buried somewhere in one of the forum posts, but it works for films/foils even though it’s faking things a bit.


SpectralAnisotropy.blend (130 KB)

Thank you so much, this solved the spectral effect that i want. now only need to play around with the texture, not sure the plug correct or not.

Some I have done in the past

plus some other threads that may be of help

Thank you moony! Thanks for your refs links!