How to make multi-part camera animation?

Hi all,

How can I create a camera animation, where the camera follows multiple paths, and/or is keyframed?
Frames 1-60: follow path A
Frames 61-90: follow path B
Frames 91-120: keyframed
Frames 121-180: follow path C

use seperate cameras and just keyframe the switch between them.

That should work, but still, it sounds a bit sketchy.
Is that the general way to do this?

Pretty much, yeah. Unlike live action, totally CG productions aren’t limited to just the cameras they can afford to buy. Why complicate things by doing extra fancy path switching when you can just add another camera for free?

lol not sketchy at all! in a real production cameras would be re laid and the scene shot again from the other angle or filmed simultaneously from different angle with seperate cameras and cut together in the editing room. all we do is cut out the need for editing by telling each camera when and where to start filming. also we don’t have the difficulty of hiding the other camera from view :smiley: