how to make multiple objects into a single one


i have a special sword made out of many pieces. i want all of the pieces to be grouped into one object. i know that by pressing p one can take sub objects out. so the opposite should be possible. if anyone knows how to do that, i would be really greatful.

Ctrl+J if they are all the same “type”? Sorry, I’m a newbie but just in case.

Cosimo is right, they have to be the same type of object. If you have a NURBS object, you can convert it to a mesh, and same with meta, subsurf, curves, and fonts by selecting the object pressing Alt+C, and then clicking mesh. Note: fonts will convert to curves, and then mesh, but all others will go straight to mesh. But you can’t convert a mesh back into what it was, except for a subsurf, since that’s a mesh modifier. Also, cameras, empties, armatures, and lattices cannot be converted, fyi.