how to make ortho parallax?

how to make for orthographic camera the effect of parallax? when the camera is moving backgrounds moved at different speeds?


  • Have the background move as well as the camera
  • Use perspective but have everything else 2D so you can’t tell

In addition to those suggestions, you could increase the focal length / decrease the field of view on a perspective camera to reduce the effect of 3D.

Use Python to scroll background planes as the camera moves (parent all of your background elements to an empty). The further the distance from the camera the plane is, the slower it should move, and the closer it is the faster.

Make a simple example

Here you go.

There is a readme file explaining how it works as you open the .blend.


2D_Ortho_Parallax.blend (590 KB)

Thanks, motherland will not forget you))
other good people suggested method without scripts))
Parallax.blend (3.19 MB)

Great, I was looking for something like this also.