How to make rigged clothing react to collisions or gravity?

Hello. I am trying to model an army ceremonial outfit that has tassels under the epaulets. I would like to know how to make the tassels move naturally, as in when the body moves around, or the arm moves, the tassels interact accordingly. I was following this tutorial on this page here:

Which kind of gave me something to start with, but i was not too happy with how the rig ended up. It did not react with the body realistically.
Is there a better method of achieving this?

The look i am going for is like how capes, ropes, and sometimes hair is treated in video games. It reacts and flows with wind and the player’s body. These tassels are made from curves. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

The epaulets and tassels in question

Try the effective of the 2 Addons (the two are slightly different)

I just saw these in another thread not long ago. I will definitely check this out, thank you!

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Instead of Rigging you could also use a cloth simulation…

In this video, they use Simply Cloth Pro, but you could use it for the process, in the Cloth modifier ( especially the way the tassels are joined to the fabric mesh as instances, as that would simplify the creation of the tassels)

That was my first idea, but since i will be animating this a couple of times, and i wanted to have an optimized way of doing this, i thought of how some games would do it, like with collisions instead of simulations. The video you send sadly doesn’t really explain the process or what they are doing. I heard that doing collisions or rigging is less demanding than cloth sims, though takes longer to set up. Not sure if that is entirely true, but setting up cloth sims for me takes a bit more time to do.

Rigging would work, but you would need at least 3 bones for every tassel to make it look good, and even that would look jagged when moved…

The video was simply making One tassel with cloth physics and then instancing multiple tassels onto the pillow…so with the setting used, you could make one tassel ( I would make the radius much smaller ) and rig it with 8 bones ( for example) and then instance that one around the epaulet.

I see. Luckily i actually have this addon from a while back so i will take some time to learn it and apply what the video shows and see how well it works out. Thank you!

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