How to make rocks in blender 2.80 with rock generator addon

A short tutorial showing some cool hidden gems of 2.80
An addon for procedural rocks generation, and scattering them in an environment
with object scatter.

Jarek D(DJ)


Thanks! Good combination of addons. And i didn’t know about “scatter objects” addon. Looks amazing.:+1:

where the link for donwload ? has been removed from 2.8 in the developer tab…but here is a LINK download the whole thing or you can select the text of the .py and save as…
scatter is still in…search scatter in preferences>addon

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Crashes on 2.81 :frowning:

addons might crash sometimes on new versions of blender, but the good news is you can always use the version that worked (all previous versions are available for download:

so if you need an addon to do a specific task that’s always an available safe option.
No licence constraints or forced updates of SAAS model :slight_smile: