How to make rolled fabric?

I want to make a napkin rolled in a ring for a dining set. I dont know if I should use cloth simulation or just modeling in the folds. Hoping someone can give me some pointers.
also here are some ex. of what I want


I am relatively new to Blender but either way should work (I sure there are other better ways that I have to learn as well). I guess its what you are comfortable with.

A way to use the cloth simulation is to create a spiral curve with whatever number of folds you want and convert to a mesh. Extrude and apply a solidify modifier. Run the cloth simulation on a flat surface. When you have the frame you are happy with apply the modifier and then tweak a few individual vertices until happy with the model. You can then apply texture or color as wanted.

Did a super fast exercise (about 10 minutes for each example) so not optimized or pretty just to see what worked better for me. The cloth simulation was faster to get to a model but then needed to tweak. Should still be faster than modeling though.

But I am more comfortable with actually modeling the object. I feel I have more control that way.

The top napkin was the cloth simulation and the bottom a modeled object. With some fine tuning and better texture/color, either should work for you. Good luck.



You could try modeling a perfectly rolled fabric from a swirl blueprint and then dropping it to a plane using cloth sim. I used this method a couple of times and it worked OK.


This could be a nice start:

Take care.