How to make scattered hair strands?

I hope this is the right section, I’m still a blender noob, just finally learned normal maps today(I can’t believe I put that off so long).

Anyway, how do I do scattered hair strands? Similar to in this video at: 0:39 , but better looking random hair scattered about.

Thank you.

bäähaarrrgghhh …sorry this video makes me sick… realy ugly… but what I see there is just a cut scene with some objects animated upwards and fadet into a new animation where objects are animated downwards to that brush and some inbetween.
sorry cant help you much but maybe try to play with keyed particles. There are some good tutorials on youtube. feeling sick at the moment and tomorrow im sure i will have herpes.

@Piet thanks for the hilarious answer! I mean, I wanted to know how to make something look like a hair by itself, wether straight or curly, lol.

Well, since then, I’ve managed to make particles that look like a single strand of very short crappy hair. It’s really hard trying to get it to become longer without it growing extra strands within the same object.

I’m using random objects like torus for the hair. Increasing the increments managed to make the hair smoother with its curls. So many butons and parameters to mess with to find out, lol.

As for the animation, I figured the part where the hairs are falling was a particle emitter with gravity on or fluid type, I don’t know, I’m still sort of new to these advanced techniques.

I realy had that ugly herpes thing the next days…beliefe it or not… I`m not lying!
You are on the right path when creating different geometry for that hair particles. Do them a lot and group them. That way you can use that grouped geometry in particle systems. In my opinion fluid sim for that kind of particle animation is not a good way… better particle systems are newtonian… and when I thinking about it twice boids could do a realy god job too. With boids you have some kind of AI at your particles. And keyed particles maybe at the end. What also makes sense is to check all that cool videos about particle random shaders or materials. To setup everything with that many buttons and parameters for particles… You realy need to play with blenders particle systems and watch tutorials… And learn. I mean I tried it a lot and it is not easy to do… It is realy not self explaining an sometimes full of graziness. Particle systems in blender is realy a mess… but with lots of testing, understanding and doing things it is possible to get realy nice results. Hope that helps a bit. cheers and a happy new year!
edit … you have the option to set particles sizes to random ;)… cheers