How to make several blender windows active in same time.

Hi guys! Hope that I am in right forum for my question!

So I have 2 monitors and I used blender’s feature to make another window and placed onto second monitor. But while I started work on next project I’ve realized that while I am using one of windows, other one become inactive and in order to make something on that inactive window I must click it to activate it. It troubles esp. when having properties in one window, but view-port on other. Anyway I find unacceptable fact that windows having same file and synchronized are not connected and both active in same time. Maybe there are some script could be used, or settings option? Otherwise such problem makes work on both windows quite annoying. Hope You understand me. I am not trying to reproach developers, cause in other hand I also have so much fun form using Blender. Thanks!

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You don’t mention your operating system. Search for a way to enable “sloppy focus” or “focus follows mouse” in your operating system (or window manager if you’re using Linux)

I know your feelings and how sore your index finger is, its like clickety click -game all the time :slight_smile:
I solved problem using only one monitor.

this works on my system

JUST the ease of access I DID NOT even look at the registry hack!!!

I don’t have an answer to your question, but you could just drag the Blender window edge in order to enlarge it so it covers both screens, and then divide into smaller menus, then save the start up file (Ctr U). Only drawback here as I experienced, when reloading Blender after closing, it only opens on one monitor, so each time I have to drag the edge over to the other monitor, but I can live with that…

Thanks, m8! I have Win7 and found that quite same option is available at
Control panel/Ease of Access Center/Make the mouse easier to use.

So. After some time working on both windows I realized that “Make the mouse easier to use” is not solution for dual monitor work-space.
For example, if some other application was active in some of monitors, then I must hide/minimize or close it in order to see Blender’s window behind that. Normally I should just click on visible window of Blender and all same file related windows of Blender should pop up. This is standard on all apps I worked on before. So I would like to use BL on dual mode, but at the moment this is uncomfortable and I must return to single monitor work-space. I wonder if all advanced Blender users provided with 2 or more monitors are satisfied with current situation?