How to make smoke simulation not affected by movement

I’m working on a smoke simulation(I’m not very used to work with particles and simulations) and I have the domain and flow object parented to an empty object, so I can move the smoke simulation and animate it more easily. I want to animate that empty, and make it move(pretty fast), but when I do it, the smoke is influenced by that movement, and looks bad:

Simulation without empty object movement:

Same smoke settings, but animating the empty object:

Is there a way to get the smoke to move along the empty object animation? Like it was linked to it?

You could bake it to openVDB and then load it into a Volume. This Volume can then be animated as you wish without changing the smoke sim.

Note that using “adaptive Domain” causes errors when importing the openVDB cache into a Volume so you have to turn it off before baking.

I thought it as an option, to bake without animation, and then just “attach” it to the empty object as a controller, but I wanted to know if I there’s another method :slight_smile: thanks for your help btw

I am not 100% sure as I am not that experienced with Mantaflow but I think there is no other method. I would be happy to be corrected, though.

I am not sure if it will work but you could try doing the smoke sim in one scene and instancing the collection to another. In the second scene animate the instance.
Edit: you will probably have to bake the smoke sim.

Strangely, I’ve trying in a blank project, very quickly setup a basic smoke simulation(default settings) and a quick animtion, and it seems to not be affected by the animtion, so maybe I changed some setting or something and that’s why it’s affected in my main project, anyone know something?

Maybe there was a force field influencing it on one axis.