How to make smoother cylinders?

Hi there,

I’m trying to make a cylinder with a very round physical surface, however, the default cylinder from the add menu has some pretty angular sides. Is there any way to increase the number of sides it has to make it smoother?

Subdivision doesnt work, from the modifier menu, it starts to turn it into a sphere, and from edit mode > surface subdivision it just subdivides the faces already there, so it’s still rough.

When you add a cylinder you can set it to have up to 500 sides. With smooth shading this should be more than sufficient for a visually smooth surface.

If you want to use a subdivision surface modifier you can use it in combination with edge creasing or below and Edge Split modifier to maintain the cylinder shape

I use only about 8-12 vertices, then use add a subdivision surface modifier. Notice the edge loops. Is this what you’re after?

This is the way I go too. Remember to add some geometry to the top of your cylinder to maintain its flattness, as shown above, so the subdivision modifier doesn’t try to round the top and bottom.