how to make smudged/bass/opaque glass?[solved]

i dont know the best word to discribe it… but i want that glass/plastic tht is “irregular” and whe you see throw the glass/plastic u see things smudged
like i do to the heather of the blender homepage
ps: this is only the “kind” of effect not THE effect. i hope u understand

i think that i have to use the texture noise and the Nor effect… but i only get results far from the realystic, and the thing that tehre is no option to apply the texture to ray transparent

i can almostmake the material sim irregular but when you see trhow them is like is plane.

You can also use the Size XYZ and the Block of XYZ buttons to the left of it (in MapTo tab) to stretch your cloud texture into ridges like ‘bathroom glass’.


thanks a lot
so frosted glass is the name in english tanks a lot