How to make stop motion animation


I want to make a stop motion animation with blender. From creating the frames until editing with video editor in blender.
Can somebody tell me what’s the easiest way to do this?

Are there free add-ons for this?

I’m a beginner and can’t figure it out. There are some youtube videos but I don’t understand them (not for beginners).

So I need somebody to explain it step by step or even make a video with a very simple example.


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Well it’s the same like any other animation: Keyframe your poses in the timeline. And for stop motion look: don’t interpolate the poses.
You didn’t understanf a word? So i’m afraid you have to learn how to rig your charcters. At least so much that you can understand how to use an already rigged character (if you find one that’s fine for you purpose) and then to learn how to use this rig (different for different rigs) and then learn how to animate this…
And of course something like: Rig any character in 10/15/20 minutes; become a PRO in 5, 7, 10 easy steps; Howto animate the easy ways… are alll just the start or 0.01% of the way to go… (but there are some jewels)

That’s called teacher and (s)he also have to pay bills…
(I’m not rude just honest.) Anyway: feel free to search this forum and ask any question if you get stumbled into a specific problem… (and there is always