How to make stylized/anime style damage markings on character, like scratches and cuts

I’m going to do anime style animations, but I’m struggling on how to add bruises, scratches, cuts, etc. on my characters. I’m hoping there’s a procedural way to do it, but anything would be helpful. Also since I’m doing animations I don’t know how grease pencil will help since they’ll be in motion. Also, I don’t want to do entirely different models for that cause that would mean ill have to do 100s for different markings.

I’m using blender 2.9 and the eevee render engine.

Examples of what I’m looking for.

Make an image texture and paint the scratches on it. Just like the people who make anime do; they draw those, they’re not procedural. You don’t have to use different models, just mix different image textures. If you put the scratches on a transparent image, for example, you can overlay them with the normal skin texture super easily.

I mainly asked for something procedrial, or at least something made in blender, because my art skills sucks and I didn’t want that to be distracting for anyone viewing it.

Select and copy the desired faces and push it only minimally away from the actual body. Create simple .png with these wounds etc. -> they ‘float’ over your body texture. Control the opacity value with keyframes to fade them in. These are nothing but a few black strokes (maybe some red) on a transparent background, no matter how untalented you are, you can do it.
Hope you understand what I mean, my talent for English is also limited.

edit: Create a huge .png with different wounds on it. With the uv’s of the ‘floating’ faces you can reuse them, you can rotate&scale uv’s etc. to get a visual variety.

Yea I understand what you mean, and I have considered that on. It’ll be my last resort if I can’t find other ways. I’m using outlines, like with the inverted hull method, and it causes a weird bump in the outline in certain angles.