How to make the mesh smooth

How can make the mesh smooth. With the mirror and subsurf modifier i want to have a round smooth sphere shape at the end. Note : I dont want to apply the modifier

merge mesh.blend (779.6 KB)

So you want an egg shape?

the front shape to be smooth. Its the character nose. I have created the mesh and its mirror and with subsurf modifier. And the front end is not smooth. Any solution

And you want the nose as a separate object from the face i.e. not the same mesh as the face?

For good topology you should start with a cube and the sudivision modifier, not a sphere. Thats why the default cube is in the start scene (and the technique called box modelling).

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Topology of a sphere when you want to use the mirror modifier:

Created by applying subdivision surface modifier on the default cube and then using the “to sphere” command in edit mode with all the vertices selected.