How to make the surface consistent?

Left sphere had been cut.

I want the left sphere same as right spher surface,don’t show the cutting line

I had seen this can be slove in maya,but i don’t know how to do this in blender.:frowning:

If you know, please help me.Thank you!!!:grinning:

The line is just an overlay in the viewport, you can disable it by clicking on Shading (in the upper right corner of your 3D viewport) --> Outline.

If that does still not work you have to copy the normals from the right sphere with a Data Transfer modifier to the left sphere. You’ll need vertex groups on the left sphere to mask out only the outer faces and not the inner ones.

I forget to said,I need no cutting line in close shading outline can’t be work.

I not really know about Data Transfer modifier,but i will try this,unless i fail…,thank you!:grinning:

This video should help you getting started:

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Thank you,it work !

but video use the Data Transfer modifier like image red circle,but i test the perfect surface need ues like image blue circle.

Thank you again!:grinning: