How to make this glare effect less strong?

Hi guys

Im trying to add some glow to the headlight of this scooter animation that im doing (Cycles, 2.93)

I like how it looks, but I want the effect to be ‘smaller’… But I can’t seem to turn it down. The size of the glare doesnt go lower then 6, and the other settings dont help with strength of the effect.

Is there another node I can add to tune it down a little bit more?


Set mix to 1 to only get the glow out of the node. Then add the glow result to the image. I do it this way as I sometimes mix several glows together. In this case you might be able to just reduce the mix to something less that 0 (to favor the original). Alternatively you can have a separate material to cover just a portion of the light - similar as the main one with material index set (or use cryptomatte) and use glow only for that portion (material ID * image → glow → add to whole image).

You could try the Dilate/Erode Node to make the Glare source smaller.

both solutions worked…thanks!