How to make this green/rough texture?


I need help. I’m stuck with my model, problem with this texture. How to make that?

First picture is my model, second green/rough texture.

Thank you in advance.



make one tentacule and use dupliface on sphere

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Sorry, but how to do that? x_x

Any tut or something like that.

You should be able to use a noise texture as a bump or displacement map for a rough glossy shader. Plug a Fresnel node into a color ramp, and connect it to the shader’s color input.

you should read the wiki which is an introduction to Blender

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You can use a Noise Texture or 1 of the other Texture in Node Editor…Shift - a Select Noise Texture in the Add Box.

Then use the scale and Detail to see if You can get it.

This is just to show…How it work.


use facing or frensel.blend (553 KB)
You may use facing or fresnel nodes from input to combine glossy and difuse, difuse and emission

Thank’s to all of you. I achieved this: