How to make this model workable (too many tri's)

So a customer send me a FBX model of a car that they are working on… Im supposed to turn this into an animation of the car driving around etc.

The model wasnt made in blender, and when I import it… I get a very dense mesh of triangles… See this example of just the door

the whole car is done like this, and it’s slowing blender down a lot… hardly workable (2.8, Eevee)… For example, it takes about 10 seconds to go from object to edit mode…
Is it the tri’s that is causing the slowdown… or the density?

Is there any way to simplify this mesh/object, and making this more workable? Its not a problem to loose SOME of the detail, because its going to be a simplified version of the car anyways (alsmost cartoony)… I tried the decimate modifier, but not a lot of luck with that…(it seems to decrease the faces, but im still seeing the same mesh density)

Here’s what you could try:

  • Use ‘Faces’ > ‘Tris to Quads’ in edit mode
  • Use the addon ‘optiloops’ and deactivate the option ‘only closed loops’ (try it on smaller parts first and play with the options) (9.5 KB)

It might help a bit.

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another way would be to retopo it !

how many verts do you have ?

happy bl

Its about 850,000 verts… and 5.2 GB

I have no experience in retopo though…

THanks for the asnwers so far by the way guys… "tri’s to quads’ helped me out and also decimating it a bit helped…

Would it also helped… if I linked the model to my scene when the model is done? In stead of appending it? I think i read somewhere that linking the blend file will make it easier on blender… (altough you can’t edit the model then but that’s ok)

tri’s to quaods definately helped, thank you! The addon made Blender freeze, so i think it was just to much to calculate…

Maybe this add-on could help you:

5.2 GB that is huge

how come what is taking so much space >

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yeah my thought exactly… i have no idea… Its just the car model and a camera…
the model is coming from another 3D software…so maybe that’s the reason?

Is there anyway I can find out?

check if you have doubles all over

or hidden things may be

but should not be 5 GB for a car
it does not make sense at all

I got files with 4 millions verts and only 80 MB
and 100’s of materials and 500 objects

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I’ve tried with Meshlab’s Quadric edge collapse decimation, but it’s so slow that it’s quicker to manually retopo it.

There are other two solutions, one is Simplygon, which is free but you need Windows 10 and a Microsoft account (like hotmail) to use it, the other is Houdini with its PolyReduce; they are both very fast, but I prefer the latter.

You don’t need to go extremely low, after Houdini calculates the geometry the first time, you can increase or decrease the output polygons practically instantly. If you need to do a retopology by hand, this is one of the better primers out there for it.

And often, I’ve found that if you are going to do any uv mapping whatsoever or file size is important it is often just less hassle to do retopo by hand and be done with it.