How to make "TV" / Computer screen settings?

First off, I am using the render engine [NOT cycles - slows down my computer a little too much… that and I don’t think it’s useful for animation … correct if wrong].

Anyways this is part of a space scene I am trying to do - the different colors are for materials to be added [reminders if one may].

Anyways I am looking for how to make the warning on the left as well as the nebula scene - the stars [gimp image I did in 5 minutes] - and the level 20 to be more TV(ish).

Right now they kind of look like posters stuck on the wall. Is there any way to make it look like a TV? Or a computer screen?

I would make a frame around it first of all.
Then a slight bit of gloss.
Then in the compositor, add a bit of glow.

as above but also you will need to darken the grey i think, i would consider making it almost black and the have an emit value on the texture, that will help with the glow in the composition. also have the indirect lighting check box ticked in the world settings that way the emmission from the screen will illuminate the immidiate area, catching the edges of the frame in a way that you wont get with a simple glow.

and yes if you dont have a decent cuda enabled graphics card, cycles sucks for animation ( in terms of render speed)