How to make videotutorial for Blender?

I would like made some tutorial for Blender (modelling of house, but that’s no important now). I have already software for screen capture (making video record from screen), that’s ok. But I have one problem, because i use keystrokes in Blender (keystrokes are very useable in Blender). But, person, which will be watch tutorial, will maybe have problem with keystrokes, because it’s not sure, that person who will be watch tutorial, will be know keystrokes which i use in tutorial. I have idea, that in video will be wroted every used keystroke, but i don’t want make it manually (insert text with keystrokes to video), because it takes so much time.

So and, my question is simple: does exist some software (ideally free) which writes hitted keys on monitor (at corner of monitor for example)?

I know software with name KeyMonPC ( it’s good software, but there is the problem, hitted keys is wroted on monitor only for time, when you hold key, but i need hitted key wroted on monitor, a bit longer time…

Thanks for all replies

There is an addon that comes with blender to show keystrokes. Enable it under User Preferences / Addons
If you want to see it in action watch some of Johnathan’s tutorials at

and name of this addon?

Ok, i found it! Yes, its work! Thanks!