How to make your character IDLE in a place???

How can I make a character IDLE in a place without pressing anything. Somebody please help. If you wana join my new game project in blender. just ask. I just started today. But yea somebody plz help me.I am experienced in blender. just saying

If you mean play an idle animation then make an always sensor, and controller, action actuator. Type the animation name in the actuator, set the frames, then set priority lower than the rest of you anitmations. That should work.

And remember… higher numbers = lower priority. An animation set to priority 0 will play over an animation with priority 5.

NAhh it didnt really work. but thanks

So what’s not working? Can you post a blend?

Ok. I said It didnt work cause I did it kind wrong. but Does it work like this. Its just a test. With armeture and a cube with an empty.


IDLE TEST.blend (203 KB)

I don’t know why it’s working, you should have to set the priority of the idle action to 1.

Yea man thanks. Its working.