How to manually get to Draw Mode in Blender 2.8?

I have a 3-monitor workspace set up for Blender 2.8, with a Blender window on each monitor.

I’m trying to work out how to switch one Blender window to Draw Mode without changing the workspace via File->New->2D Animation, because that reduces the Blender display to just one window.

I must be missing something obvious here. I can see that the Draw window in Draw mode is using the ‘3D Viewport’ window, but the mode selections are different in Draw mode compared to the 3D modeling Object mode.

This is the Object mode menu selection:

and this is the Draw mode menu selection:

What am I missing? :confused:

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you have to create a Grease Pencil Object first, then select it. (this is already done for you if you choose th 2d animation template) Otherwise you can only make annotations with the pencil tool shown in your first screenshot


Thanks, that solved it.

(Obviously I’ve never used the grease pencil before :laughing:)

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