How to merge the edges

With the Ant Landscape addon created the mountain and added a default plane and applied blenderkit addon water mater. How can i merge or make natural look to the mountain and water. Any suggestion or help. Thanks

Blender File


The island looks like it’s floating in nowhere of the ocean like a paper or towel.
the reason why I can see that it’s floating is that I can tell that there are no lands in the ocean. not even bottom… Another issue about the picture is that I can tell the island is only a plane with normal/bump applied to it. That’s why it looks like a paper or towel. I would suggest that you watch videos where there are pros and experts who made a natural island or natural lands with the ocean (i meant shores). It will help you learn a lot more about what you need to do and need to work on. Good luck.

The water looks very natural and it feels like it’s almost alive. But the island makes it look like it’s out of place. I can’t tell if it’s an island or a mountain, but I can see the shape it shows is actually a plane.

Hope this helps you a bit

Beyond just depth of island and ocean: details, which give it history. You can either invent your own history or you can imitate a reference picture and adopt whatever history that picture has.

Erosion. Shellfish. Bird droppings. A material that indicates its origin (volcanic? coral? although the mesh doesn’t look much like either.) Tide line algae. Glistening bits from water that made it above the official water line.

Water’s tougher. Breaking waves. Waves reflecting back off the rock.